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Choosing a bodybuilding supplement is a tough task as there are plenty of options available in many tempting flavors. But what works out best for you needs the eye of an eagle to choose as not every product is formulated to meet your unique requirements. Therefore MuscleBlaze® has come up with Iso Zero Chocolate, a low carb formula in delectable chocolate flavor. This Low carb formula has zero lactose in it thus is fit for consumption by athletes with lactose intolerance. Apart from being pure whey protein isolate, this formula provides rich amino acids in the form of EAAs, BCAAs, and Glutamic acid that collectively fuel your muscle growth and prevent the muscles from going into a catabolic state during inactivity.
While on a heavy-workout regime, our body undergoes several changes and adapts to it and as a result, we get huge and tough muscle mass. The new MuscleBlaze® Iso Zero Chocolate is crafted to provide 30g of pure protein and amino acids to fuel your body to maintain anabolism.
MuscleBlaze® Iso Zero Chocolate provides 30g of protein per serving (36g) and the protein is sourced from high-quality Whey Protein Isolate. Protein is the building block of muscles and our diet alone cannot meet our protein requirement when aiming for gaining lean muscle mass. Iso Zero provides a sufficient amount of protein to fuel your muscles followed by optimum diet and correct workout practices.
EAA(s) & BCAA(s)
Essential Amino Acids do not occur naturally in the body thus we need to add them to our diet to provide our body with nutrients that boost muscle mass gain. Branched Chain Amino Acids prevent catabolism in the body thus protecting the muscles and boosts immunity to withstand the effects of ongoing physical and dietary changes.
Glutamic Acid
Glutamic acid occurs naturally in the body but in very small amount. It helps the brain to release enzymes that aid in gaining muscle mass and enhances the performance of other nutrients.
The Power of Zero
The new MuscleBlaze® Iso Zero promises to deliver only what is best for you and your goals. With a clinically studied formula, we bring to you Iso Zero that has No added sugar, No Trans-Fats and is free from lactose.
Suggested Serving
Mix 1 scoop of MuscleBlaze® Iso Zero (36g) in 180-240ml chilled water stir with a spoon for 20-30 seconds or shake in a shaker for 15-20 seconds for a homogenous shake.
Recommended usage:
You can choose to consume MuscleBlaze® Iso Zero at:
  • Early in the morning: To repair the muscle tissues damaged overnight and prevent catabolism
  • In-Between Meals: To maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body and fuel your muscles during the inactivity period
  • Before Bed: During sleep, the body remains inactive for 6-8 hours which can trigger catabolism this Iso Zero helps fuel your body with protein to be used as fuel and to keep the muscle tissues protected



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